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Chiropractic Documentation

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Medical documentation standards are well established and widely used throughout healthcare.  Chiropractic, however, is unique and the medical documentation standards do not always fit with the chiropractic treatment paradigm.  Chiropractic Documentation takes these standards and adapts them to fit the chiropractic treatment paradigm.  In Chiropractic Documentation you will learn:

  • What Medical Necessity and Maximum Medical Improvement really mean.
  • How to prove the medical necessity of your care.
  • How to explain the chiropractic treatment paradigm to non-chiropractors.
  • How each element of S.O.A.P fits into the chiropractic treatment paradigm.
  • How to properly use the Medicare ABN form including the latest changes.
  • How to properly correct errors in your documentation.
  • How to format your documentation to greatly reduce denials.

This book gives the profession documentation standards that can be referenced going forward.  It should be on every chiropractor’s bookshelf, the standard documentation text in every chiropractic college, and required reading for every reviewer that reviews chiropractic claims.

There are fourteen chapters in the book and each chapter has a corresponding webinar available with it.  You will also have access to the sample forms from the book that you can use in your office or incorporate into your electronic health records.  And there is access to the sample documentation used in the book as well as the references cited.

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