Obstetrics & Gynecology CPT HCPCS & ICD10CM Card Pack for 2020

Obstetrics & Gynecology CPT HCPCS & ICD10CM Card Pack for 2020

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This exhaustive, easy-to-use card pack gives you a quick OBGYN coding reference that covers everything you need to know to quickly code any OBGYN diagnosis, procedure, or supply. This pack includes cheat sheets covering:
Common ICD-10-CM Codes – includes over 150 common ICD-10-CM codes and categories
Common CPT Codes – includes over 140 common CPT codes used in the OBGYN office
Common HCPCS codes – includes over 80 common HCPCS codes used in the OBGYN office
Maternity Care & Delivery Surgical Procedures – includes the CPT codes and coding tips needed to code these conditions
Contraceptive & Progesterone – includes related ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes, as well as coding tips
Anatomic images – includes associated diagnosis coding options
Z Codes – the encounter codes used in an OBGYN office
Modifiers – the modifiers used in an OBGYN office
This card pack is designed to be used with Find-A-Code's Reimbursement Guide and ICD-10-CM Coding books for OBGYN, though it can be used alone.
These cards are full color, printed on PolyPrint durable material with helpful anatomical images.

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